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iPad International Release is on 28 May

iPad International Launch – 28 May

Telstra Desire phones affected by corrupt GPS

Telstra Desire phones affected by corrupt GPS

Australia gains fastest wireless modem/router

Telstra have launched a new wireless modem/router that takes advantage of their 3G wireless network and HSPA+ wireless broadband technology. The NetComm device turns a single Next G network wireless broadband service into a Wi-Fi and Ethernet hotspot providing internet connectivity to users throughout the home. It is the fastest device of its type in […]

Firefox 3.5 arrives together with “Porn Mode”

Firefox 3.5 has gone live today together with its new Private Browsing feature. Private Browsing, also referred to as “Porn mode,” keeps all traces of your web activity off your computer, including everything from browser history to passwords to search bar entries and more. To provide further privacy, Firefox 3.5 can “forget” any particular site. […]

Sony Ericsson’s new Satio can run Playstation games?

Another phone competitor? Here comes Sony Ericsson’s Satio. Yes, it even plays Playstation games.

The iPhone OS 3.0 has Landed

The iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update was finally released worldwide on June 17th.