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How to make sure your iPhone battery will last


One of the biggest problems with the iPhone is that the battery simply doesn’t last long enough.  This is because it has so many fascinating apps and features that you will want to play with all the time.  Besides the ones you physically use, there are also all sorts of apps that will run silently […]

Top 5 Android Malware Families

Top 5 Android Malware On November 15, the analyst firm Gartner issued a report that cited Google’s Android mobile operating system had reached a global 52.5% smart phone market share, while iOS trailed in third, behind Symbian, with an 18% market share. FortiGuard Labs found interesting the disparity between the amount of malware found on […]

Google Goggles – Translate The World

A rundown of the new translation functionality in Google Goggles.

Use MacBook as a Tablet

We have across this really interesting application for the MacBook and thought it was worth sharing with our readers. Apparently, you can now make your MacBook act like a Tablet. The MacBook trackpad, a touch and pressure sensitive panel, is exploited by a crafty little piece of software (Inklet) to make the MacBook behave like […]

A few Apple Predictions for 2010

Apple is famous for its secrecy regarding new products and upgrades, but that does not stop the masses from at least attempting to predict what the company may or may not do over the next 12 months and beyond – to varying degrees of success. One word that is certainly doing the rounds at the […]