How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

There is nothing more annoying than a laptop battery that constantly needs to be recharged. Here are some tips that will help to make your battery last longer.

How to choose the right free web host for your needs


If you want to have an effective website, you also need a web host.  It is thanks to your web host that your site will actually be online.  Hosting can be very expensive, but luckily there are some free options out there as well.  If you are looking at a free host, here are a […]

How to make sure your iPhone battery will last


One of the biggest problems with the iPhone is that the battery simply doesn’t last long enough.  This is because it has so many fascinating apps and features that you will want to play with all the time.  Besides the ones you physically use, there are also all sorts of apps that will run silently […]


How to get more likes, followers and reblogs on WordPress


Having a WordPress blog is great, but it is likely that you want people to actually read your blog.  Although fantastic as a diary to vent your frustrations, most of us hope that WordPress reaches others and perhaps even makes us some money.  This is only possible if you get likes and followers to your […]

The hottest gadgets of 2013 – forget about Apple!


There are hundreds of gadgets coming out this year, some of which are made by Apple.  However, if we look at the top 3 hottest gadgets of this year, there isn’t an Apple in sight.  In fact, even if we made a top 10 list we could do without Apple!  So, here is a list […]

Google’s Zeitgeist – what’s lined up for 2013?


Every year, Google produces the so called “Zeitgeist”, which shows what we have been looking for the most on the internet during the year.  For many, this is an opportunity to guess at what next year will bring, as well as to see whether their internet search terms are popular, or whether they are actually […]

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How to be safe on social media sites

Social media, and Facebook in particular, is a fantastic tool to develop yourself and nurture your social relationships.  However, there is also some danger associated with it and you must make sure that you keep safe.  Here are some tips to help you make sure you stay safe. Only connect with people that you know, […]

5 Reasons why your business needs a mobile app


Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular and as a business, you should get your finger in that particular pie.  It is likely that you have a smartphone or an iOS device yourself and that you use apps to make your own days easier.  So, would your business be able to develop an app that makes […]

Understanding the most popular websites in Nigeria


There are well over 43 million Nigerians who use the internet.  Because they are also known to be the perpetrators of many spam messages (you will probably have received a message saying that an uncle has died and left millions to which you are entitled), it can be interesting to figure out which domain names […]

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10 ways to stop spam emails


Spam is about as irritating as it gets.  However, besides being irritating, it also has the potential to be dangerous.  It is through spam that people can hack your computer, put viruses on it or even steal your identity.  It is hugely important to be educated in how to avoid spam, as it can save […]

Tips to make money on Facebook


If you have a business, regardless of its size, you have to use social media. Did you know you can actually make quite a bit of money by using Facebook? Some people think it is only indirect money, in as such that you use it as an advertisement tool, but the reality is that big […]

Amazon mint their own coins

Amazon Coin

Amazon customers can now use Amazon Coins to purchase apps, games and in-app items in the Amazon Appstore and on Kindle Fire. Existing and new Kindle Fire customers in the U.S. have had 500 free Coins—a $5 value—deposited into their Amazon accounts today. For customers, Amazon Coins is an easy way to purchase apps and […]

Domain Names – 300 new types to choose from


This year one of the largest changes to the domain name system is about to happen. Up until now there has only been about 20 Generic Top Level Domain’s (gTLD’s). A gTLD is the set of characters at the end of a website Address, after the dot, most commonly .com, .net and .org. There are […]

10 security tips for WordPress users


We know our clients love WordPress. It’s a great tool for creating a professional looking website in a quickly and easily. It’s because of the convenience it offers that it is the tool powering over 65 million sites! This success not only demonstrates the appeal of WordPress to site owners but also makes it a […]

How dangerous is Twitter?


There isn’t a corner of public discourse left that Twitter does not touch upon these days. Anything goes, it seems. But just how dangerous can the social networking site be, both to you and your business? Not Everything Is Legal Contrary to popular belief, not everything you do on Twitter is outside the remit of […]